link Placement for Math/English

Placement for Math and English Courses

California Community Colleges are now assessing for Math and English course placement primarily using high school performance information. Mission College has developed a Placement Assistance Tool to place students under the new practices.

You must apply to the college and receive a Mission College student ID number before you use the tool to receive your placements. Once you receive your placement you will need to log into My Mission Portal and register.

Placement Assistance Tool

Who Needs to Complete the Placement Assistance Tool?

All degree and transfer seeking students should complete the Placement Assistance Tool prior to registration.  Any student seeking to enroll in transfer-level Math or English must complete the tool.  Completion of the tool also satisfies one requirement to earn priority registration status for students. 

Need Additional Help?

  • Visit Placement and Assessment Services during open hours or contact the office at
  • Visit Counseling. They can also assist in completing the Placement Assistance Tool, or provide additional guidance after receiving your placement options. Be sure to set up a counseling appointment (or a DSPS Counseling appointment if you are a student with a disability) for additional help in determining the most appropriate courses for your educational goals.
  • When completing the Placement Assistance Tool you will be introduced to a variety of pathways. This information is also available within the Placement Assistance Tool, however you may find it helpful to have a printed copy.