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Student Success Testimonials

Receive real world experience at Mission College. Our graphic design and digital media programs provide the tools and support to succeed in the workforce after graduation. With the skills you'll learn in our courses, the sky is the limit!

Laksmi Venkatesh, a former design student at Mission

Lakshmi Venkatesh

While enrolled in the Graphic Design and Multimedia Program, Lakshmi Venkatesh formed a team with two other classmates from their Design Agency and Branding class and won the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s annual $25,000 Create-a-thon. They secured $25,000 of free advertising for their client, Lil Bites Bakery.
Lakshmi now works full-time at First Person, a San Francisco based creative agency.

A set of screens on a phone representing UX and UI Design.

Tami Kwok and Li-Mei Situ

Tami Kwok and Li-Mei Situ, two students from the UX and Interface Design class, competed in the NASA Space Apps Challenge, an international competition. The students teamed up with five developers to tackle an Earth-related challenge, and developed an app called Airie related to air quality, for which the team won 15th place in the People’s Choice Semi-Finals global competition.
Li-Mei is now a UX Designer at a startup called KUMBAYA Inc. in Los Angeles. Tami is a UX Designer on Cisco’s DNA Team.

Carlos Miras, former Graphic Design major at Mission.

Carlos Miras

As a former Graphic Design major, Carlos learned to use graphics and multi-media to communicate in creative and impactful ways in his both the non-profit sector and private sectors.
He holds an Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design. Beyond the classroom, Carlos worked as an intern in the Marketing Office of Marketing and Public Relations to grow and master his skills.